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6 Dogs Rescued From Dog Meat Farm Are Now Up For Adoption



After the rescue, the dogs were transferred to HSI's partners and fosters in Canada, the US, and the UK. Photo by Lum3n.com/Pexels
Photo by Lum3n.com/Pexels

After experiencing the worst of the worsts situation of torture, fright, and starvation, six dogs rescued by the Humane Society International (HSI) are now finally expecting to have their forever homes soon. Living a renewed, contented, and happy life thousands of miles away from their abusers, the furbabies – Winston (Boston terrier), Maisie (Spaniel mix), and Pumpkin, Oscar, Molly, and Bella (Jindo mixes), is now finally up for adoption alongside with other 90 dogs after they have been rescued from a dog meat farm in Gyeonggi, a province of South Korea.

After the rescue, the dogs were transferred to HSI’s partners and fosters in Canada, the US, and the UK. The six dogs, on the other hand, have made their way to the United Kingdom where they have been given privileges they never had, as reported by People.

With their new life, the dogs are now given a healthier and active lifestyle full of love and affection from those who truly care to them. “It’s wonderful to know that instead of a cold, metal cage they will have soft, warm beds and can start to put the dog meat trade behind them”, said Claire Bass, Executive Director of HIS/ UK.

Amid the trauma they’ve experienced, their rescuers were amazed at how the dogs have been very accepting of human love and even easily learned how to trust them again. “The six dogs who arrived – Bella, Winston, Molly, Maisie, Pumpkin, and Oscar – are just amazing dogs, and after all, they have endured, they are settling into UK life amazingly”, shared Jenn Gilbert, the Chimney Farm Rescue’s founder.

Aside from helping and saving dogs from their untimely and inhumane death in the hands of dog meat lovers in South Korea, HSI is also focused on tearing down meat farms to create a safer haven for the dogs in the future. For the farms to close down for good, the organization helps the entrepreneurs behind these dog meat farms to move on and find other opportunities in the industry such as mushroom growing, organic farming, humane trades, and water delivery.

Because of HSI and other private organization’s efforts of reaching the same goal, the dog meat industry in South Korea has now declined over the years. At present, the organization has already closed down 15 dog meat farms and has already saved hundreds of dogs. With how fast the rate is, the organization is foreseeing how this business will completely be erased in the market in the years to come.

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