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Is Kate Middleton A Status Seeker? Prince William’s Wife Allegedly ‘Lacks Ambition’



Kate Middleton, reportedly, lacks ambition. Photo by Ricky Wilson [CC BY 2.0 (] | Cropped

Kate Middleton caught the attention of many when she became a real-life princess from being a commoner, who studies in a university. Many were captivated by her life after she tied the knot with Prince William. Though she is expected to be admired and respected by the Britons, the mom of three is still being hounded with various issues and controversies.

There is no denying that Kate Middleton has been working very hard since she entered the lives of the Royal family. Aside from being known as a fashion icon, the wife of Prince William is also admired for being so devoted to doing charity works, especially those that include children. Despite this, the mother of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis is not exempted from getting negative remarks and harsh comments from her critics.

Status Seeker

Before Kate Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge, it was rumored that she had always set her eyes on Prince William. After seeing the elder brother Prince Harry in a hockey game when he was 9-years old, Kate, allegedly, devised her greatest plan of becoming part of the royal family.

Many claimed that Kate is a status seeker. When it was known that Prince William would go to St. Andrews for College, she dropped her dream school, the University of Edinburg, and applied to St. Andrews. She also enrolled in the same program as the prince, and the rest is history.

Lack of Ambition

Kate Middleton was labeled as a person that lacks ambition. When Prince William announced their engagement, Pippa Middleton’s sister also quit her full-time job to focus and prepare for her royal duties ahead of time. It may be that the Duchess of Cambridge has only been misunderstood for her decisions because the royal duty is already a full-time job.

Heir Maker

Kate Middleton has always carried herself with poise and beauty.  However, people are assuming that the Duchess’ role is to only breed heir for the royal throne.  English author,  Hilary Mary Mantel, has included Kate in one of her lectures and called her a princess with a plastic smile, with the role of an heir maker, as per Mail Online.

Despite all these negative comments against the future queen, life goes on for the royal family.  The Duchess of Cambridge has shown her strength in handling negative rumors, and will always work for the best of her family, and her duty as a part of the royal family. Stay tuned to News Everyday for more news and updates about Kate Middleton and Prince William!

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