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Lucy Torres-Gomez: Should This ‘Ormocana Girl’ And Her Allies Win?



The incumbent representative of the 4th district of Leyte, Lucy Marie Torres-Gomez, is seeking her third and last term in the upcoming May 13 elections. Photo by lucytgomez/Instagram

The incumbent representative of the 4th district of Leyte, Lucy Marie Torres-Gomez, is seeking her third and last term in the upcoming May 13 elections. The beautiful wife of Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez has been serving the district for quite some time already.

However, despite the lady solon’s efforts to improve the district’s economic state, her critics continue to discredit her administration. As a matter of fact, Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez just survived another disqualification case on the account that her bid for office violated the three-term rule under Article 6, Section 7 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution.

The petitioners, Noelcito Wagas and Jeffrey Dubal, claimed that it would be Lucy’s fourth term as the representative of Leyte’s fourth district should she be reelected in the 2019 midterm elections. However, Comelec dismissed the petition based on two primary reasons: 1) the petition was filed out of time, and 2) there was no violation of the three-term rule since Lucy was ”neither duly elected nor did she fully serve her alleged 2010 to 2013 term.”

In one of the Ormoc Development Team rallies, Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez thanked her supporters and those few who continue to pin her down. The lady solon even considers the disqualification cases as ”blessings in disguise” for she was able to serve her people and execute her developmental plans to the district beyond her official years of service in the Congress.

Supporters and critics, alike, cannot deny that fact that the wife of Mayor Richard Gomez has done a lot in the fourth district of Leyte, which is composed of Ormoc City, Palompon, Isabel, Merida, Albuera, Kananga and Matag-ob.

In a previous speech, Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez said that she could have done more if only all local leaders of all municipalities that belong to this very congressional district were supportive of her. This is the reason why the lady solon, also, encouraged her constituents to vote those who support her plans and visions for the fourth district of Leyte. Lucy added she need not throw mud to her opponents because the achievements of her team in the past three years tell it all.

In fact, two of her known allies, brother Matt Torres and former Ormoc City councilor Engr. Rolando Villasencio, entered the mayoralty race in the towns of Kananga and Merida, respectively. Matt is challenging incumbent Kananga Mayor Rowena Nicolas-Codilla while Rolando is running against incumber Merida Mayor Dr. Antonio D. Solaña.

Incumbent mayors in other areas, namely: Richard Gomez (Ormoc City), Michael Torrevillas (Matag-ob), Jun Medina (Isabel) and Rosa Meneses (Albuera), are also seeking for reelection. Incumbent Palompon Mayor Ramon Oñate, who has shown support to Lucy and Richard Gomez for years, is now contending for the vice mayoralty seat.

If Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez and her allies win this upcoming May 13 elections, people living in the fourth district of Leyte should prepare for more positive changes and developments in the area. This could, also, mean that the lady solon would be able to allocate budget and implement development projects in all areas without the need to solicit and haggle for the support of the local government units. Lucy even cited the developments in Ormoc City and Palompon as demonstrations of what she could do if local leaders are willing to support and work with her.

Under the administration of Mayor Richard Gomez, Ormoc, which is his wife’s hometown, is now tagged the safest city in the country and the richest city in the region. He is, currently, the running make of Toto Locsin, Jr., who is also seeking reelection as the city’s Vice Mayor. Other members of the so-called Ormoc Development Team include Jasper Lucero, Lalaine Marcos, Gerry Penserga, Bennet Pongos, Nolitz Quilang, Vince Rama, Perok Rodriguez, Tommy Serafica, Roiland Villasencio, and Goito Yrastorza.

In 2017, the 4th district of Leyte earned a total of P9.04 billion assets, making it one of the fastest growing economies in the Visayas region. Also, four out of the ten richest local government units came from the district – Ormoc City (P5.90 billion), Kananga (P1.08 billion), Isabel (P638.2 million) and Palompon (P572.8 million).

For starters, the 4th district of Leyte –perhaps Metro Ormoc in the making — is the home of one of the largest networks of geothermal power in Asia, the Philippine Phosphate Fertilizer Corporation (PhilPhos), which is the only copper smelter and refinery in the country, and the Philippine Associated Refinery Corporation (PASAR). It is also known for its breathtaking tourist destinations such as the Kalanggaman Island in Palompon, and Lake Danao and Alto Peak in Ormoc City.

Being one of the top emerging districts in the Eastern Visayas region, selecting the right leaders, who will lead us to the destinations of good hope, is of high importance. Choose a group of people who can improve human capital, business activities, information exchange, and cultural experience in your area; people who care about our future and the future of our children’s children.

So, should Lucy Torres-Gomez and her allies win? We’ll leave it to you to decide. Regardless of your decision, only the blind wouldn’t see how this lady solon has worked tirelessly to bring a better 4th district of Leyte.

Note: The writer of this piece did not receive any form of compensation. The views and opinions expressed by the writer do not necessarily reflect those of the publication and its management. Furthermore, separate feature write-ups will be made for other candidates in the upcoming 2019 midterm election.

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