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Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez Vows To Work Harder For The Common Good



Mayor Richard vowed to increase the resiliency of Ormoc City to calamities, ban single use of plastics by 2021, and solve traffic congestion in Ormoc City. Photo by Kimberly Urboda/Facebook Screenshot

Actor-turned-politician Richard Gomez and his wife, Lucy Torres-Gomez, took their oath of office on Sunday, June 30, in the Ormoc City Superdome. The 53-year-old Kapamilya star will serve as Ormoc City mayor again, while his better half was reelected as Representative of the 4th District of Leyte.

Mayor Richard vowed to increase the resiliency of Ormoc City to calamities, ban single use of plastics by 2021, and solve traffic congestion here. “Tomorrow, we will also be launching the modernization program of our transportation system, in line with the national program. This is to address the growing transportation needs of our people that have fallen prey to opportunism, to the detriment of the riding public,” he stated during his inaugural speech.

The husband of 4th District of Leyte Representative Lucy Torres-Gomez added he would like to increase the city’s capability to respond to calamities. While Mayor Richard acknowledged the fact that natural disasters could not be predicted and is inevitable, Ormocanons have to be ready for the unfortunate events. In line with this, the reelected mayor of Ormoc City plans to purchase more ambulances, fire trucks, and water trucks.

Mayor Richard also revealed his vision in inviting industries that could help the city produce energy from wastes. “I also dream of constructing a large scale composting facility, as well as community composting in the barangay level,” he added. “We must also ban the use of single-use plastics by 2021. We have to be decisive in this area if we must save Mother Earth for our children and their children.”

The Ormoc City mayor even divulged that he, along with Vice Mayor Toto Locsin Jr. and the rest of the Ormoc Development team, is working on strengthening the livelihood programs. Mayor Richard furthered that he wants Ormocanons to produce more locally-made goods and products in the next three years and vowed to invest more in training people to help them get better on their crafts.

Before he ended his speech, the father of Juliana Gomez reiterated that the over-all well-being of Ormocanons will always be his top priority even if others would not agree with him. “I have so many plans for Ormoc, and I would always like to emphasize that I will always have the best intention for Ormoc City. That all my decisions, and that of the Ormoc Development Team, will always redound to what is good for the majority. In the Gomez administration, our motto is ‘Serbisyo, Dili Negosyo.'”

Before he ends his second term, Mayor Richard Gomez aims to accomplish the following:

Infrastructure and facilities

  • Improve the Lake Danao Water System
  • Create more water reservoir
  • Create more rainwater harvesting facility storage
  • Open housing projects for people living in dangerous places
  • Create more classrooms
  • Upgrade of slaughterhouse
  • Improvement of grilling stations
  • Improvement of the Public Market
  • Satellite market in Valencia, Ormoc City
  • Upgrade the street lights
  • Upgrade of Superdome Lights
  • Purchase of Big Electric Fans for Superdome
  • Create a large composting facility


  • A modernization program of transportation
  • Open more road networks
  • Implement the city land use and zoning ordinances, including the relocation of all vulcanizing shops with enough parking space.
  • Repaint tricycles with basic and solid colors per route by 2020
  • Clear the national highways of illegal parking


  • Increase capability to respond disaster by purchasing more ambulances, water trucks, fire trucks, and implementing support programs on disaster prevention.
  • Continue backfilling of Bagsakan Area
  • Enhance peace and order program by purchasing new firearms, police cars, and motorcycles for the police and SWAT training.
  • Strengthen livelihood programs
  • Create sustainable tourism products
  • Ban the use of plastics by 2021
  • Launch more health and wellness programs

Aside from Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez and Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez,  reelected Vice Mayor Carmelo “Toto” Locsin and the other members of 15th City Council — Bennet Pongos, Roiland Villasencio, Tommy Serafica, Nolitz Quilang, Gerry Penserga, Vince Rama, Lalaine Marcos, Goito Yrastorza, Jasper Lucero, and Perok Rodriguez — were, also, inaugurated on Sunday.

Jaja has a degree in journalism and took classes in international law and business communication. She is a publication specialist with more than five years of experience in traditional media and digital publishing combined. Jaja has also been exploring the world digital marketing in the past three years.




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