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Prince Charles In One Of Royal Family’s Biggest Scandals



Prince Charles is surrounded by police as he visits Kaikoura, New Zealand November 23, 2019. Photo by REUTERS/Tracey Nearmy
Photo by REUTERS/Tracey Nearmy

The heir apparent to the British throne, Prince Charles, recently found himself embroiled in one of the royal family’s biggest scandals.

It is no secret that the Prince of Wales is an ardent art lover and is also an amateur artist himself. Through the year, he has created a prestigious art collection at Dumfries House, which he purchased in 2007. However, over the weekend, he found himself entangled in a counterfeit art scandal.

The scam came into light when a well-known counterfeit artist,  Tony Tetro, claimed that his three painting was displayed amidst the prominent art collection at the Dumfries House. The pieces were appraised at £104m, and it included a duplicate version of Claude Monet’s Waterlilies painting and also a Picasso.

According to  Express, Prince Charles’ foundation, the Clarence House had accepted the artwork as a loan in good faith. And, a royal expert even said that the Monet was verified by an organization in Paris, but the forgery went undetected. However, the foundation has not named the institute, which was in charge of the verification.

The loan agreement was signed by Michael Fawcett, who is the chief executive of the foundation, and also Prince Charles’ former senior valet.

According to  USA Today, Tetro made these paintings for a British Businessman, James Stunt. You must remember him from his ugly divorce battle in 2017. While talking to the publication, Tetro said, that Stunt Knew who made the painting. However, Prince Charles was unaware. He even said that Prince Charles was “absolutely not to blame.”

Tetro further added, “I regret that he became involved, and I regret it if there was any embarrassment.”

Before the news of this scam started making rounds, Prince Charles had announced he was creating an art center in Dumfries House, where artists could get inspired and find the support they need. Two cottages are also being revamped, where the artists can stay and make the most of it. And, a studio is also in place.

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